Future Plans

We are planning to begin in 2016 a church service for Roma together with the village Lutheran Church.  Some Roma come to regular Lutheran services but don’t feel at home, and the traditional music doesn’t speak to them.  This Roma service will be largely led by Roma, especially the music, thought the officiating and preaching will be done by colleague John Parks who is already active working with boys and men in the village.

We want Good Food Works to become a functioning business by 2017.  This involves drying fruit from our abundant orchards, along with jam-making and other products from fruit.  We will also be teaching canning of foods for home use among the Roma.  This will be led together with a German colleague neighbor, and all operations will take place on her property.  Funding of all the works will come from HFR.

We want to see many more classes taught by Roma women to other Roma.  This will entail Roma women getting driver’s licenses (which involves going to an expensive driving school which HFR will pay for)  in order to attend various classes in the city.  We hope to see women teaching classes in nutrition, fitness, first aid, etc.  We plan to have this moving forward in 2017.